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2017 UDOT Safety Award

We are excited to be a part of the Team Safety award from the annual UDOT conference! The UDOT Team Safety Award goes to “an individual, team or project that embraces safety, and goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of our team members as well as the travelling public.” The project was the I-15 Flexible Delineator, Mile Post 0 to 72. This project placed new flexible delineators starting at the Arizona State line to Mile Post 72 near Summit UT, just North of Cedar City UT. Flexible delineators provide longer and greater visibility with less maintenance over longer period of time. Potentiality saving accidents and maintenance. These delineators were placed with an innovative Special Provision that provided for better spacing between maintenance, culvert markers, and regular markers. We are proud of our crews and all UDOT employees that helped throughout this project. Let’s make 2018 a great and safe year!