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Chain Link

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Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is an economical option to improve your yard, home or business. Chain link fencing can be used in many situations where other fencing would not be as applicable such as: Baseball Field Backstops, Security Fences, Dog Runs, and Dumpster Enclosure. We also offer many sizes of gates and vinyl privacy slats in many colors.

Vinyl Slatted Chainlink

There are two basic types of slatted chainlink – slats installed after chainlink erection or slats prewoven into chainlink fabric (privacy link). We install the best product on the market, which is available in many colors. When erecting chainlink fence with privacy slats, it is better to use heavier gauge posts for a stronger framework due to the wind resistance factor. Vinyl slats installed after fabric is erected is approximately 75% private. Privacy link slats (prewoven slats) are approximately 95% private.

Residential Backyard

Chainlink fences are popular for the backyard. Galvanized residential chainlink fence systems have been used in backyards for decades to define property lines, enclose animals, as well as protect and add value to property. Because chainlink is the least expensive fence option, it is a popular option.

Dog Run

Chainlink outdoor dog run kennels are made with galvanized steel frames. The chainlink fabric is attached professionally using state of the art equipment and high quality parts and metal ties at the top for lasting strength and durability. Dog runs can be portable or permanent.

Industrial Security Fence

Chain/link fencing provides a good option for security fence when considering cost as well as effectiveness. Chain/link fencing is strong, yet see-through, and generally less expensive than other types of fences. Wrought iron makes great security fences but is also much more expensive. Chain/link may have barbwire strands on top for added security.

Dumpster Enclosure

The reason many businesses want to use chain/link with vinyl slats for the dumpster area is that it is inexpensive and the vinyl slats obscure the garbage that sometimes spills over the dumpster.

Baseball Field Backstop

Have your backstop professionally installed – save your back and let us complete the job. We supply everything to complete the install.

Chain link Gates

We can custom build any size of chain link gate.